Knowing the Power of Your Social Security Card

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Containing a 9-digit number assigned by the Social Security Administration, this wallet-sized Social Security card is probably the most important government-issued identification document assigned to every citizen of the United States, permanent residents, and temporary working residents.

Originally conceptualized to track down earnings of workers and to calculate their Social Security benefits, the Social Security card has evolved into being a single powerful tool with varying significance to different individuals. These inherent powers of the Social Security card make it very important to get a new or original card, make necessary changes of name in cases of marriage or divorce or replace it immediately when lost or stolen.

The evolution of the social security card into a powerful device is very evident during these instances where you need to present it as a documentary prerequisite.

During Job Application

Credit Card in pocketEmployers are mandated to check on Social Security cards of all job applicants before they start working in their company. When you are taken in as a worker by a company, your employer is delegated to provide your income to the Internal Revenue Service and your wage to the Social Security Administration through your Social Security number.

During Financial Transactions

Before you can open a bank account, you must make available your Social Security card for scrutiny. The bank is mandated to forward to the Internal Revenue Service all information they need.When applying for a federal loan or a bank loan, your Social Security Number is used to check on if you have other outstanding credit before your loan is granted.

During Application for Medicare and other Government Benefits

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You will not be eligible for benefits under government programs, and this includes disability and unemployment benefits if you do not have a Social Security card. You also need to provide the SSN of your child before making your child as a dependent of your tax returns.

Applying for the federal health insurance program or the Medicare also requires you to present your SSN before you are taken in as regular member.

During Application for Other Important Documents

A driver’s license can only be granted to those with Social Security cards. When applying for passports, Federal Law requires applicants to have Social Security numbers. Applicants who are issued such documents without providing their SSN are subjected to penalties.

The aforementioned scenarios truly attest the importance of your Social Security Card. It is best to acquire one for yourself and make sure that it is in a safe place where it cannot be stolen or misplaced. Avoid carrying your Social Security card with you unless you are going to use it in the above purposes.…